Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Here's the Proclamation that instituted International Banjo Appreciation and Recognition Day:

Whereas, it having been IGNORED for too many years by the various Congresses, Parliaments, Presidents, Kings, Dictators,&c, And Whereas, All like-minded Banjo-loving persons, dogs, cats, birds amphibians,reptiles,etc are in concordance on this being necessary to the well-being of banjo players, makers, fans,and humanity in general, And Whereas, no other persons, dogs cats, amphibians or reptiles have seen fit to step up and do what needs doing, All of us Banjo Hangerouters do hereby DECLARE and DECREE that there shall henceforth and forever be An International BANJO APPRECIATION and RECOGNITION DAY, or Days, date or dates to be decided by consent of those Hangerouters joining in this DECLARATION. Herein subscribed by my two-finger style of OLDE TYME TYPING on This Eighth Day Of October, in the year of 2008. Can I get an AMEN on that? Now, go pick one in honor of this momentous occasion.

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